Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

1. Please type in here what you know about Mozart.
You don't have to write any long sentences.
Feel free to jot down any words or phrases that you might associate with this great genius composer.

2. Read the text "The Blue Plaque" in the link below:

3. What is a blue plaque? (You can google for that!) :)

4. How old was Mozart when he came to London?

5. Did he come to London alone?

6. What does the first paragraph of the text tell us about Mozart?

7. What was Leopold's occupation?

8. What can you tell about London music lovers' impressions about Mozart? Did they admire him? If so, please write why.

9. Why wasn't he allowed to play any musical instruments during his dad's recuperation?

10. Watch the video below.

a) Do you know the pianist? Are you familiar with him?

b) What do you know about him?

c) Write how this piece of music makes you feel?